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Joseph Dubowski

I am a Christian couples and family therapist who is passionate about helping couples improve their relationships. I also have a mission to help those suffering the pain of loss from the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship due to break-up or divorce, or any of the many life changes that result in the tangle of emotions we term ‘grief.’
My interest in helping people in these areas stems not from intellectual curiosity alone, but from experiencing the highs and lows of over 35 years of marriage, as well as experiencing first-hand the loss of a child (our daughter, Gayle, who was a victim of the shooting at Northern Illinois University in 2008).
I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the western suburbs of Chicago, as well as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist who has led Grief Recovery Method support groups and worked one-on-one to help grieving people since 2009. I have worked clinically as well as provided education and support to people suffering from losses including death, divorce, job loss, pet loss, estrangement, infertility and infidelity. I also have helped people overcome problems manifesting in depression, anxiety, attention deficit, panic attacks, PTSD, anger, procrastination and spiritual issues.
In my personal life, I am a devoted husband, father, grandfather and follower of Christ. I am an avid reader, and love to take walks and hike, drink iced coffee, go on bicycle rides with my wife, and travel. I also write and am the author of Cartwheels in the Rain: Finding faith in the wake of the unthinkable, as well as online articles.

Grief Recovery Method® Programs

Based on the Grief Recovery Method®, these programs are geared toward relieving the pain of loss, enabling you to engage more fully in life after a death, divorce, or other losses. Choose from group or individual programs to best fit your needs.

Couples & Family Therapy

Arguing never leads to the harmony we desire in our most intimate relationships. My solution-focused approach leads couples to rediscover the means to connect that they had at the start.

Individual Talk Therapy

Using a solution-focused approach to therapy, I help clients 18 and older create a more hopeful and resilient future using what is available in their lives, both from their past and their present. 

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