Managing Stress During the Holidays

Part 1:

Even though people talk about the holidays as a time of joy and gratitude, for many of us it can be the loneliest and most stressful time of the year. This video introduces a new series on how to handle anxiety, grief and loneliness more effectively during the holiday season.


Part 2:

When it is socially unacceptable to talk about true feelings during holiday time, then things get more stressful for people. This video addresses this issue.

Part 3:

In this video we look at how the past, especially losses we experienced, adds stress to our holiday season beyond shopping and spending and hosting.

Part 4:

In this video we look at ways we have learned to relieve stress during the holidays, including temporary and longer-lasting remedies.

Part 5:

In this episode I answer the question “How can I be a good listener?” and give the gift of being there for someone this time of year.

Part 6:

Aiming for the “perfect holiday” coupled with the reality that things change over time can leave us exhausted, lonely, and stressed over holiday plans and preparation. This video provides some ideas for reducing the pressure so you can have a better holiday season experience.