Want to get that loving feeling back?

With few exceptions, most couples who come to me for counseling can describe a time in their lives when their relationship was harmonious, safe, secure and filled with hope. They felt they had found their “special someone,” and life was good. 

Yet something happened along the way (sometimes many things), and they end up in my office—full of anger, fear, doubt, and loneliness.

The stories vary, but include a range of matters—from the strains of working full time and raising children to infidelity, and everything in between. After awhile, their story of love has been replaced by the story of the problems.

If this sounds familiar, the mere fact that you’re reading this indicates you’re looking for some answers. This demonstrates you have some hope – and some hope is enough to begin with.

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness." - Desmond Tutu

Maybe you can also relate to this…

Often people put off going to seek professional help because they think it will mean… 
  • weeks of rehashing their problems
  • examining family histories
  • exploring their communication styles and deficiencies 
  • or they are just plain afraid 
Some expect to have to dig deeper into their feelings, or find time to practice new skills. And many believe it is just too late for them. 
But that doesn’t have to be your story! While no one can promise they can save every marriage or relationship, it is amazing how quickly people can and do experience results from therapy. I have come to believe in the resilience and creativity of the people I see. And seeking help has always been their first step on the road to change!
In therapy, I believe in exploring what has worked in the past for each couple. I have found that it is not necessary relive the pain and trauma, or to practice combat skills in the therapy room. I ask what they want today from therapy. I take time to get to know them as the couple who dated and committed to one another. I then invite them to visualize and construct a future that is more in line with their desires. 

Are you ready for the relationship of your dreams?

It is not too late to change the course of your life. To find out what Joseph has to offer to help you specific to your relationship, click below to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.