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Loneliness is Painful...

It may be caused by the end of or change in a relationship resulting from a death, divorce, end of a romance, or other loss.

It may be the loneliness caused by a distance felt in an ongoing relationship. 

Or it may simply be the feeling that accompanies being misunderstood and alone.

I can help.

Death of a Child

Whether an adult child or still-birth - even an aborted pregnancy - can lead to intense pain and regret. But there is hope....

Divorce or Break-up

...can affect many or all your cherished relationships, making it more difficult to find someone who will just listen.

Pet Loss

Too many times we hear people say "It was ONLY a [cat|dog|bird]!" For you it may have been so much more than a "pet." That's normal.

Job Loss

Changes in employment, whether voluntary or not, combine conflicting feelings over many areas of life and relationships.

Death of a Spouse

or intimate partner can bring on loneliness, anger and fear; it affects the way you related to all the relationships you shared.

Loss due to death

It may have been someone you loved, or someone with whom you had a less than a happy relationship.

Disenfranchised Grief

When the grief you experience is for a loss that society, culture, or others do not recognize as a loss event, where can you turn?

And many more

There are over forty life events one can experience in a lifetime that can bring about the conflicting feelings we call grief. We recognize all of them

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster the understanding of grief as the normal and natural response to losses of many kinds, expressed in ways unique to each person and loss, and to promote the concept that moving beyond grief and pain is both desirable and possible for those who grieve.


Pathway to hope and help:

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  • Determine the best route to healing, whether through Solution-Focused Brief Therapy or Grief Recovery
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