Do you find yourself feeling…

  • “Stuck”
  • Anxious
  • Worried
  • Depressed
  • Suffering post-traumatic stress
  • Unable to find pleasure in everyday things that used to bring you joy
  • Having difficulty forming or maintain meaningful relationships

This is not pleasant place to be, is it?

Imagine a life where you feel more at peace, calm, confident, and empowered!

The question is, how do you go from where you are to where you want to be?

A key to getting there is the ability to see yourself as the hero of your own story. To put an end to what’s holding you back, you simply need to see the possibilities of what could be!

In my approach to treatment, you get to identify what you want from therapy. I do not ignore problems or the reality of dire situations. Rather, we explore possibilities and find instances of things in your life that you value and upon which you can build. Within that conversation, we find small, but meanful changes you can make (and may have already begun making) to make your best hopes a reality.

We will work together to identify who and what is important to you, what you already like about your life. Since we don’t live in a vacuum, we also consider who might notice the changes you make, and who else might benefit from them or be an encouragement to you.

Working in this way, you can begin making changes and experiencing relief in ways that make you feel empowered, rather than dependent on therapy or a victim of your trauma.

If you would like to live a different story line than you are living now,
I would love to support you!

About Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

This approach focuses on identifying solutions rather than studying problems. It views you as capable rather than deficient in some way. It is “brief” in that it only lasts until you no longer feel limited by your problem.

As I practice SFBT, I hold to the following assumptions:

  • You are capable of addressing your own problems in a way that is right for you
  • You are more than your problem
  • You don’t “do” your problem 100% of the time
  • You are capable of happiness, love and goodness
  • You need and are deserving of love and respect
  • Change is inevitable

As a Solution-Focused Brief Therapist, I assume that you can identify what you want from therapy, and are motivated to make the change you need to make to achieve that outcome. I believe you already know what the problem is that brings you to therapy, and you don’t need me to tell you.

Change can begin during the first session!